Spring is here! The change of season is a great time to enlist upon workplace spring cleaning. Over time, even the cleanest office develops areas that require more detailed attention. A clean workplace creates a healthy working environment. Here is our handy spring cleaning checklist:

Office Cleaning Checklist

  1. Disinfect wastebaskets. Wash and disinfect wastebaskets.by desks, common areas and particularly in high traffic/high germ areas such as within bathrooms and kitchens.
    2. Steam clean carpets. Steam clean all carpets and mats (this should be done at least twice a year. Carpet steam cleaning can be done more frequently for high traffic areas susceptible to stains and spills.
    3. High dusting. High areas often get neglected and are not usually a part of daily or weekly house cleaning. Removing dust from high areas can help eliminate allergens in air and create a more breathable workplace.
    4. Disinfect desk areas. This includes keyboards, behind monitors, shelves, cabinets. Disinfecting desk areas may already be done on a weekly or monthly ilimoww basis. However. this is something that can be done again in more detail while in the process of spring cleaning.
    5. Vacuum and wipe down walls. It is surprising how much dirt and dust accumulate on wall spaces.
    6. Vacuum and wipe down vents and chairs.
    7. Grout and tile cleaning. The annual office spring clean is the perfect time to bring life back to your floors.
    8. Power washing. Check this page. Power washing will help with the removal of dirt, grime, fungus, or oil stain build-up on concrete surfaces, tile, stone, awnings as well as inaccessible glass and frames which may be done less frequently.

At Westcoast Building Maintenance we provide flexible and customized cleaning maintenance schedules to suit your business needs. Contact us for more information on our customized services and maintenance programs.