LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most recognized and top green building rating system in North America and is now in more than 90 countries. LEED is a point-based rating system that covers areas of site development, water and energy efficiency, materials, indoor environment quality, innovation in design and region.

In Canada, there are over 1000 LEED certified projects to date and considered one of the leaders in green building in the world. Vancouver’s goal as “Greenest City” has pushed for the construction of LEED-certified projects even further, find more on their website.

For building management companies, this means there will be an even greater demand for the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, materials and equipment Big City Maids. A green cleaning policy is mandatory for the certification and also for the re-certification of a building therefore continued use of green cleaning products into the future is necessary. Read more about actionac.net air conditioning repair.

Today, there are many suppliers and brands of green commercial cleaning products to choose from and the cost is about the same as other chemicals. Green cleaning house have also improved in performance with better technology and innovations.

For more information about LEED operations and maintenance policy, please visit xxxporn Canadian Green Building Council