Regular window cleaning is important for maintaining the exterior of your property. With summer almost here, it’s a great time to have your windows professionally cleaned. Here’s why and some of the common cleaning methods:

Why Regular Window Cleaning is Important

Regular window cleaning is important to maintain the exterior of your property. Not only does regular window cleaning make your place of business or home look aesthetically pleasing but it also is important to caring for and the longevity of your glass. Having your windows professionally cleaned regularly will prevent dirt build-up and damage due to etching of the glass. Find out here now. When choosing a window washing service, look for a reputable company with knowledgeable workers that are certified and follow proper safety standards.

Window Cleaning Methods

We will first assess your building and determine the best method depending on the structure and methods of access.

The most commonly used equipment for high-rise cleaning are bosun chairs. Bosun chairs are small seats that attach to workers’ ropes so that the worker can scale the side of a building. A bosun chair is secured by a two-rope system (a main rope supports the worker, a second rope serves as a backup for safety) and at least two attachments to independent anchorage point. Check Workers using a bosun chair need to be certified and follow refined codes.
Chairs are the most commonly used equipment for window cleaning because of the cost-benefit. Bosun chairs replace equipment such as boom lifts and swing stages which can be costly to rent and more expensive for the customer. Bosun chairs also work well for hard to reach surfaces and inaccessible areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach by other equipment. Check

Ladders are used for lower level structures & work best for low-level buildings. Window cleaning and can be done with a squeegee or water-fed brush and pole.

Our Services

Westcoast Building Maintenance offers interior and exterior window cleaning services. We are experienced working with all types of glass including tempered glass (which is susceptible to scratching if not cared for properly).
Find out more about Westcoast Building Maintenance window cleaning services or contact us with any inquiries or for a free quote.